The Power of Food

I have always believed that a healthy, nutritious diet is vital to our physical and mental wellbeing.

My pizzas have a thin and crispy 100% wholegrain base and generous vegetable toppings that count towards your 5-a-day. Whole grains are associated with a lower risk of heart disorders and stroke. Tomatoes contain all 3 high powered antioxidants and are rich in potassium, and mushrooms are associated with lowering cholesterol levels. Another of my toppings, bell peppers, are a good source of vitamin C and folic acid, whilst in the words of one journal I read recently “it is difficult to overestimate the nutritional powerhouse that is spinach.”

You will find all these fabulous natural ingredients in the toppings for my new range of tasty wholemeal pizzas. With just the right amount of cheese added to the toppings, my pizzas are truly scrumptious and healthy too. Enjoy!