Whole Creations New Products

We have come a long way since the very first wholemeal based pizza and it has been an exciting journey.

So many people have let us know how much they enjoy our wholemeal pizza so we put our minds to developing a Gluten Free Range too. Made using only the best natural ingredients these are ideal for people following a gluten free diet or just looking to reduce their gluten intake. We see so many health reports now about long term illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes, which could be related to over consumption of highly processed flours and grains, yet we still want to enjoy our favourite treats guilt free.

It matters very much to us at Whole Creations that we continue to enjoy the foods that we love and try to maintain a healthy balance whilst doing so. Our gluten free range is just perfect – ready made to save you time with fresh ingredients and no sign of any gluten! Please enjoy…