Novak Djokovic

World number 1 male tennis player Novak Djokovic has not been quiet about how important his gluten free diet has been for him. Suffering from recurring illness on court he sought professional medical advice and from that, and from what he describes as ‘listening to his body’, came a new ethos and gluten free diet summed up in his book Serve to WinThe 14-Day Gluten-free Plan for Physical and Mental Excellence.


This may not be the answer for everyone and clearly  we would recommend that anyone seek a doctor’s advice if they feel unwell, but it taps into an increasing trend in the UK of health awareness and concern for well being: treating the body right. Whether you have a specific dietary requirement, or whether you have considered reducing the amount of gluten in your diet, for your own reasons, we have a great range of 4 gluten free pizzas for you to try that should help you with those choices and still enable you to have fun.

Comments we have received about our gluten free pizzas include “Tried the ‘spiced chicken and sweet onion’ pizza last night,beautiful! Felt like I wasn’t eating Gluten Free” and “Thought I’d found GF pizza heaven with Goodfellas earlier this week but this was something else!” See if you agree – it’s never too soon to get started, so why not try one this weekend?