Wheat Intolerance

The official NHS Choices website identifies 3 key health problems caused by wheat (intolerance). They are coeliac disease, wheat allergy and wheat sensitivity. For the latter the description is as follows “symptoms like bloating, cramps, diarrhoea and sickness come on quite slowly, usually hours after eating wheat. There’s no diagnostic test.” The site stresses that for any symptoms people should consult their GP to make sure any issues can be assessed, but for many who suffer from wheat sensitivity, reducing the amount of wheat in their diet can help.

Whole Creations Mediterranean Veg Gluten Free Pizza

Our range of 4 gluten free pizzas is here to help if you have been diagnosed with or experience any of these “problems” (their word not ours). We have had some wonderful feedback from customers recently saying how good our gluten free range tastes, so do give them a try if you want to avoid gluten or reduce the amount of it in your diet. Here are some recent comments. “Tried the spiced chicken and sweet onion pizza last night,beautiful! Felt like I wasn’t eating Gluten Free”. “The sweetness of the onions against the gentle flavours from the chicken makes for a tasty burst of flavour with every bite and I was also really happy to see they hadn’t skimped on cheese.”


download (1)Do, of course, please visit your GP if you have any symptoms and you are concerned.