Our Wholemeal Pizzas

We’ve got the BBC good food website to thank for a perfect, brief, summary of the wholemeal ‘message’. “Wholemeal or wholegrain flour is made using the whole of the wheat kernel. It adds flavour and nutrition to baked products.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves – which is why we’ve used their words!!

Our founder, Kate, has always loved pizza but wanted a healthier, more nutritious base. Still thin and crispy when baked with a selection of delicious toppings – we really hope you like our range of 4 mouth-watering options. We constantly review our offering and our recipes, and if you’ve been ‘away’ for a while, do please try one of our delicious wholemeal pizzas again. We would love to hear from you about your experience info@wholecreations.co.uk or twitter @wholecreations or on our facebook page.

Here’s a photo of Ilinca at Wholefoods Market Piccadilly London this week with a lovely big smile – and one of our Grilled Peppers & Goat’s Cheese Wholemeal Pizzas.
2015-11-10 11.25.53